Our lab provides abundant chances for undergraduate students to show their innovative capabilities. Many projests are partially supported by ITP, PRP, etc. However, external sponsor is not always a must. We believe that your critical thinking and dedication are the most important factors in this early stage. Please go through this check list:

  • You are interested in our researches including medical image analysis, computer vision, machine learning, etc;
  • You speak at least one type of programming languages (e.g., C/C++, Matlab, Python, Java, and many more);
  • You have time (at least 8 hours per week) to devote to lab work;
  • You are self-motivated and somehow have a vision of your future career.

If you qualify these items above, you should consider contacting us immediately.

Completed Projects:

Automatic Segmentation of Radial Magnetic Resonance (MR) Knee Scanning (PRP-26)

  • We develop a pipeline to segment radial knee MR data for the first time, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Guoyan Zheng (U Bern);
  • Conducted by Xia Wang, Chang Hu, Qingchu Jin, Hang Liu;
  • Rank 1st among 9 competitors in PRP review.

Multi-Mission Medical Image Segmentation Toolkit (PRP-27)

  • Conducted by Chang Hu, Yuheng Cai, Bo Pang.
  • Rank 2nd among 11 competitors in PRP review.

Mega Graph Analysis toward Molecule Imaging Data

  • Conducted by Haixu Ying.

SJTU-PSU Capstone: Learning-Based Super-Resolution for Medical Images

  • Conducted by Jiahuan Chen (SJTU), Mallory Peterson, Alexander Cook, Samuel Cramer, Tony Wang (PSU).